An Afternoon Event in English & German
for Girls to tap into Magic

“It must have been around 1998, when I was invited to the intuition conference in San Diego, a great chance to enhance my research on intuitive communication in the US. I still remember a teacher, who was passionate about integrating intuition into school’s programs. I observed her class and was fascinated, thinking: “Gosh, if I had learned this at school, how much exhaustion or coaching sessions I could have saved…”.

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We inspire girls of primary schools to use their fantasy and to keep that little Voice alive that is inherent in all of us. When we grow up & through academic education we disconnect from our intuitive intelligence & creative genius.

At the Modern School of Life we strengthen intuitive intelligence & creative mystery in aligning with what is already there. Through Art & Story Telling girls playfully learn to…

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FEE for LITTLE VOICE € 75 including material, beverages & snacks

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13.45    Juices & healthy Snacks
14.00    Afternoon commences
16.00    Break (times vary)
18.00    Afternoon finishes