20 years ago, as my media career was taking off, a serious accident robbed me out of my on air & stage dreams.
As if someone else had grabbed the tiller of my ship,
I felt as if I had been forced on a different journey.

A learning journey to become real:  ‘From outside glamour to inner depths and self-exploration’. A journey of uncertain adventure, extreme fear, tears as well as incredible joy and gratitude.


Feeling out on a limb, I suddenly faced what I had most resisted and what is today known as “the Feminine Quality” or “Ying”.

From being strong willed with great ambitions, determined to become the best of my active self, my life had other plans and taught me the unsexy lectures, I had resisted: Surrendering, Acceptance, Healing, Faith, Intuition, Stillness, Patience, Timing…and the hardest one of all…coping with doing NOTHING. No planning, focusing, pushing - rest.

What I received is far beyond willpower: Knowledge of using “the Feminine Power” with Virtue & Genuine Strength and in balance with “the Masculine Power”. My space has now a new, quieter quality. Instead of pushing, running, competing, exhausting myself –I experience a softer, lighter and centered quality of life. A quality the world is craving for.


During my presentation with self-deprecation & great humor, I share stories of my trips through the world - such as “Finding God while dusting for my Therapist”, “Being promoted as the Salad Chef of 250 Buddhist Monks”, “Talking with plants & meditating on the wisdom of flies with a Shaman in the Desert”, “Bringing my toilet paper on High Heels to an Indian Vision Quest” or “Shouting I AM FREEDOM with half naked Yogis while thinking, what the hell am I doing here”.


Although many women have lost touch with their genuine Feminine Strength, because of operating within the masculine model and have become either invisible or overly masculine, they are the ones, who will bring Feminine Power back to life.

Women are not only the driving force in improving their relationships; they are also the ones, who are NOW Change Makers and Catalysts for a Real World Renewal.

As our grandmothers gathered around the kitchen table, laughed and healed, let us gather now as New Generation Women and consciously support each other, to share our true & silent stories beyond the ones, we feel pushed to perform to the outside world every day.


I intend to inspire women in RISING to Feminine Strength, Where the Feminine is balanced with the Masculine Power creating a state from where women lead themselves first -to authentically inspire others to follow.


Speaking Engagement in English & German.

“As a speaker Jeanine has the ability to both inspire audiences and leave them with great passion & ideas that lead to a new form of consciousness & action.“

Dr. Rob Robb, Consultant Monterey, California

Pic Jeanine van Seenus