What you will learn from my research is how to create with The 10 New Power Principles what most people are yearning for now…

Most people yearn for a meaningful contribution, inner & outer fulfillment, balance, connection to ourselves & our bodies, connection with other people on a heart level, true love & intimacy, ease & time to relax, letting go of too much pressure, stress & worries, feeling how things develop in a flow as well as creating breathing spaces in our head, vacations from our running minds.

These experiences are connected to the Feminine Power System.

By integrating and assimilating the strength of the masculine power, I’ve learned what it is to also hold the Feminine Power in a way that fosters a flow of ease, lightness, gentleness and well-being in our lives and in the world.

I deeply explored how to partner and co-create with the Greater Field of Life. I also came to understand why life responds to who we are being, more than to what we are doing, and learned how this is a pivotal moment to generating a strong field of synchronicity and support.

So what are the missing pieces, principles to create these experiences?

How can you use them?


1.The principle of Intuitive Communication.
2.The principle of Emotional Power
3.The principle of Internal Partnership

4.The Principle of Faith
5.The principle of Surrendering
6.The principle of Yielding

7.The principle of Body Wisdom
8.The principle of Personal Values & Integrity
9.The principle of Connecting at the Heartbeat of People
10.The principle of Conscious Ownership