The Journey

When I became an Underground Worker …

... 20 years ago, as my media career was taking off,

a serious accident robbed me of my on air & stage dreams. As if someone else had grabbed the tiller of my ship, I felt as if I had been forced on a different journey.
A learning journey to become real: From outside glamour to inner depths and self-exploration. A journey of uncertain adventure, fear, tears as well as surprising joy and gratitude.

After the physicians couldn’t cure all the hurt, I left my work and hometown to go on an inner quest without a return ticket.
For years - and as a former dancer - I could not walk more than 10 minutes and lived with little money, seeking answers in all directions. A journey that took me to live with 250 Buddhist Monks and then with Shamans in the desert, Native Americans in the mountains, Kahunas on Hawaii, spiritual communities in England & Scotland, and by myself in a coastal monastery.

But the cure was not in what other people told me to do
or not to do, even not the wisest and most well-known….
what cured me was ….

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Professional Backround

A small selection of our Clients



Jeanine van Seenus   … at the HeartBeat of People!
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  • "Jeanine characterizes her strong humanness, sharp mind combined with in-depth feeling and a powerful quality of communication. Her personal management coaching is uniquely designed. With her natural sensitivity to my needs, empathy and professionalism she has given me an outstanding time during my coaching process. As a manageress her methods are excellent to use in daily practice. Last, but not least, I would like to also emphasize her great performance training on camera."

    Susanne Carl
    Head of MINI International Marketing and Business planning, Key Account Management Regions, BMW Group Munich
  • "Jeanine is a wonderful, powerful and passionate coach who challenges the brave!"

    Sonja Piontek
    Marketing Director, BMW Asia
  • "The coaching with Jeanine exceeded my boldest expectations, because she has this exceptional gift to tune in to you and your energy which makes every session highly powerful -- it delivers great results!"

    Christel Reynaerts
    Managing Director, Alphabet Belgium


TV Showreel in German

Uwe Hück, Alfons Schubeck,
Felix Finkbeiner, Mr Marcus,
Wise Guys

My Purpose in a Nutshell:

“I believe that we now need people with great Authenticity,
Honesty & Courage - people of strong character,
who will bring Change to the world.

In everything I do, I connect people on a Heart level
and create a place of Authenticity & Honesty,
where real Change happens.”

Jeanine van Seenus