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‚Heart & Head of People’ with a passion for Global Women Empowerment

A SERIOUS ACCIDENT LED ME AWAY FROM MY TV DREAM … Twenty-five years ago, as my media career was taking off, a severe accident prevented me from pursuing my TV dream. I felt broken open. I went on a purpose quest to heal and travel the world. My healing journey was much more than 'just' healing the body. It was a profound transformation. I learned about the power of personal growth, true joy, the medicine of laughter, following a purpose bigger than myself, and what it takes to be an authentic, gentle, yet a firm woman in our present times. This process is an ongoing life-long journey, making me a learner and teacher simultaneously.

I am dedicated to contributing a positive difference to the world. My contribution: Using my profound experience of more than three decades as a change-maker & courage builder, a certified personal & professional transformative coach, a leadership communication expert and producer, director & talk show host. My passion is to work with awakening female leaders & professionals who feel called & driven to bring health care & collective trauma healing, media & education, and businesses to the next level of consciousness.

Following a purpose bigger than myself, collaborating with and supporting other awakening women is as vital to me as cooperating with conscious men.