The world is desperate for brave leaders.
It is time for you to step up.

This format is a four weeks online-program in small groups or 1:1.
The approach is highly effective for corporate & media communications during intense & changing times. The objective of the course is to teach participants to lead small & large teams with an immediate, practical direct & new digital communication approach based on transparency, courage, honesty & human connection.


  • Module I/ 1st week:

    Module I/ 1st week

    Laying the foundation with self–evaluation exercises and camera feedback to raise awareness & clarity on 'how do I think I show up' versus 'how do others perceive my performance & presence – particularly within critical times'? The first week provides immediate & practical tools based on rising leaders into bravery and compassion (including self-compassion).

  • Module II/ 2nd week:

    Module II/ 2nd week:

    The second week focuses on the preparation & co-creation of upcoming crucial online team meetings, announcements, presentations, and critical 'tabula rasa - Q & A webinars'.

  • Module III/ 3rd & 4th week:

    Module III/ 3rd & 4th week:

    Reaching out & connecting online: Leaders show bravery in expressing the truth from a centered place of inner strength. They walk the fine line of honesty and compassion while announcing possible hard facts and challenging issues. They become sensitive to holding the digital space for bold, human & honest dialogues to happen. With a different perspective and new self-awareness, they can create an emotional connection, present tender topics, and lead teams into a growth mindset & attitude.
    Within the following two weeks, critical online activities will be recorded and facilitated in the back or co-moderated. Each recorded material will be analyzed in weekly coaching sessions.
    Module II & Module III are designed to integrate nominated female ambassadors into the program and process. They will receive mentoring to share the knowledge within their teams and to initiate power circles in their company.

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