Personal Leadership Coaching
for Female Executives




Your Date with Courage

Dare Bravely to move on & go for what YOU really feel
Dare Bravely to live up to your personal Values & Worthiness
Dare Bravely to show up when you do not know if you’ll succeed
Dare Bravely & act as if you could not fail - even if you fail
Dare Bravely to Trust Your Voice, Yourself & Life
Dare Bravely to talk your Truth
Dare Bravely to rumble with the challenges that come with living a daring life
Dare Bravely to be Vulnerable
Dare Bravely to do what’s worth doing - even if you are afraid

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NOW Dare Bravely to act from
a New Consciousness of Balance

Manifesting Sustainable Success

'Tackle the subject on who you are today & who you want to become tomorrow'.

We observed how difficult it was for many women to manifest Sustainable Success when they were over-extended or depleted from too much giving, neglecting their own self-care and inner life.

A kinder, gentler Philosophy of Success

At the Modern School of Life, we empower women to achieve greater balance in their lives and to learn about a kinder, gentler Philosophy of Success.

We teach women to step into a New Consciousness, where taking action comes from the Inside Out and, therefore, from their unique & genuine Feminine Strength.


Coaching in English & German

To support and guide our clients, we offer edutaining “work @ home assignments,” impulses, inspiration, and reflection time. We carefully set a timetable that fits into the busy lives of our clients.

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