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Your Date with Courage

The expectations & pressures that men face today require an extraordinary level of courage, authenticity and stamina.

We ask businessmen to confront the real issues, to get honest about who they are today & who they want to become tomorrow. Some men have a hard time doing that.

Breaking FREE from old Mindsets

We observed how challenging it was for many men – especially those with families - to stay true to themselves or take care of the quality of their lives, at work & at home, when they were caught in old roles & mindsets of functioning, automatism or neglecting their own well-being and emotional management.

At the Modern School of Life, we empower, especially executives, to set time aside and use the coaching process to break free from acting out of old habits ‘in the box’.

Balance & Autonomous Power

We guide our clients to step outside the box, to achieve not only genuine success at work – tailored to their individual potential, values, needs & passion - but to also make room for greater balance & autonomous Power in all areas of their Lives.

We inspire men to step into a New Consciousness, where taking action comes from the Inside Out and, therefore, from unique & genuine Strength.

…and this is what’s required in changing times…

‚…we need Men, who are not afraid to inhabit ALL the characteristics required of men in changing times; resiliency, integrity, courage, creativity, innovation, adaptability, compassion, empathy, radical self-responsibility, inclusiveness, generosity and respect’.
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Coaching in English & German

To support and guide our clients, we offer edutaining “work @ home assignments,” impulses, inspiration, and reflection time. We carefully set a timetable that fits into the busy lives of our clients.

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