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I invite you to embrace your strength, lean into courage, and accept your innate leadership potential in all walks of life.
The world needs more self-aware people and braver leaders to be willing to step up.
It’s time for all of us to step up & LEARN TO RISE.




In Cooperation with Conscious Male Leaders

If women are to be recruited, retained, engaged and promoted; they need to see the vision of a different, inspiring pathway; a pathway that rewards and embraces strong, compassionate, wise, charming, honest and courageous feminine leaders.

‘A Vision Statement in Living Form’©

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'We now need compassionate & strong women with great wisdom, honesty & courage; feminine female leaders & ambassadors who - in collaboration with conscious men - bring a positive change to the world.‘



  • I very much enjoyed to read this book by Jeanine van Seenus. It is brutally honest, deeply courageous, a dismantling of the rattling mind, a wonderful crusade to self-love!

    Christel Reynaerts
    Managing Director, Alphabet NL
  • I had the pleasure to participate in talk shows, and personal interviews led by Jeanine. I am always impressed by her professionalism, her preparation and ability to create a beautiful energy and flow in the conversation.

    Nadja Håkansson
    Regional Director Africa, Siemens Energy
  • If you want to learn more about strong women who share their stories and if you are looking for a positive, conscious voice that embraces love, have a look at Jeanine van Seenus YouTube Channel. Jeanine is an inspiring, creative, and strong woman. While I was part of a corporate coaching program at BMW, Jeanine taught me that also, as a career woman, I should embrace my female side and not be afraid of letting go, getting to know myself better, and embracing wholeheartedness. So if you are a curious person, have a look at her work.

    Dr. Gisela Linge
    Impact-driven, hands-on Top Management Consultant
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    The program provides a combination of coaching & facilitation, bridging & networking, talks & inspiration to grow and actively engage with each other in a global learning community. Over six months, awakening women will go through a structured learning journey that addresses: The more in-depth meaning of female leadership & purpose, shifting from personal to universal truth, cooperative spirit, female leadership communication, leading inside out, perception, and resilience & well-being. The out-of-the-box project connects female leaders globally, provides a safe haven for those involved, and holds a space for women to rise and come forward while leaving behind the 'lonely & ineffective masculinized way of female leadership'.

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