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Young men

What do they really want?

What are they searching for?

What questions drive them?

What are they afraid of & would never say it?

What’s behind the mask of being cool?

Should drugs be legalized – is that the question?

And how does violence really affect them?

The Anger Issue – how much can a young man take until he lashes out?

What makes them go nuts, when it comes to girls & what turns them into great pretenders?

Video games & Internet porn their regular playfield?

Power games & domination – a story we feed them?

….and did they have a real good sextalk with a mentor, their dad, a grown up friend or with you?
You know the one about respect the woman and your own feelings, don’t push it, don’t feel pushed by your peers, sex is neither competition, nor a man’s performance. … and know that porn has nothing to do with what good sex is about……

We are deceiving our young men with old stereotypes and the lack of guidance towards manhood: Man up, act like a man, talk like a man, be a man, be cool, do not cry, be strong, get laid, don’t show your emotions, don’t be a sissy.
The old story of masculine power.
Power games & domination – a story we feed them with?