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NGT Sex & Love

Curious, completely nuts, yet informative and adventurous, The Modern School of Life Project NGT Sex & Love goes for "the BIG" topic and inspires crazy-fun talks between girls & boys and with celebrities to GET REAL:

• What makes a girl look sexy – a boy look sexy?
• What makes a girl’s body juicy – a boy’s body yummy?
• Get real: How much does a juicy yummy body matter for good sex?
• Having orgasms a sign of good Sex?
• Is porn a boy thing & love making a girl thing?
• What does a girl like sexually, what do boys imagine sexually?
• SEX and what’s in there for me?
• What is good Sex for a Girl, what is good Sex for a Boy?
• When to say no – when to explore yes?
• Dreams of a girl & Dreams of a Boy?
• Sex after break-ups – what if am I still in Love with my ex?

Sex, love making, phantasies, insecurities, heartache, break-ups, hopelessly in love, wanting to be in love, the love of my life, flirting successfully, fear of failure….
NGT Sex & Love come & join us!

We dare, we stumble
We simply rock!