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• Women who feel at crossroads privately and, or professionally

• Women who feel drained & yearn for Balance

• Women whose lives have fallen apart and feel brave to RISE strong

• Women who yearn for more joy & lightness

• Women who wish to wholeheartedly embrace LIFE …just because

• Women who are broken open, ready for inner & outer growth

• Women who are in their 40's or 50's and ask themselves

“What do I want to do with the rest of my Life?”


• Women who feel motivated to take on a leading position at work and wish to add fresh perspectives, vision & purpose to their leadership roles

• Women who have taken on a leading role in their lives & now wish to expand their position to empower others within a New Consciousness of Balance

• Women who wish to make a meaningful contribution to the world

• Women who are in their early 20's & wish for a heart-based professional guidance “what is really my thing?”

• Women who yearn for a New Consciousness of Balance as Working Moms

• Women who are planning a family & wish to find their authentic form as a working mom

• Women who feel lost in the business world & ask themselves

“Is this what I really want?”


• Women who like improving their intimate life

• Women who yearn to experience joy, life force & Lightness with their spouse again

• Women who are single and are longing for love & intimacy with a partner

• Women who are patchwork partners and feel lost in the entanglement of their spouse & his family


• Women who wish for a loving connection with their bodies & wish to lose weight within a New Consciousness of Balance

• Women who wish to raise their inner & outer Beauty

• Women who wish to become their own experts & use their innate Body Wisdom


• Women who wish to expand their motherhood with new impulses, inspiration & fresh perspectives from The Modern School of Life

• Women who wish to create a stronger emotional bond with their teen daughter

• Women who wish to co-create & enhance the quality of their family life with more playtime, fun &edutainment at home

• Women who wish to define their own role of motherhood – outside of cultural conditioning


• TeenGirls who feel insecure when it comes to their looks & body and wish for more Self-Esteem & Beauty

• TeenGirls who feel their eating habits are out of balance, eager to know what their bodies need, to lose weight & come back into balance

• TeenGirls who feel lost and wish for orientation, impulses to live up to their talents & potential as New Generation crazy, creative, sexy Teens

• TeenGirls who feel “life sucks” & feel ready for challenge


• Girls who like to learn how to use Magic & Intuition to be Magicians

• Girls who feel connected to Angels & Fairies and wish to bring them into their Lives

• Girls who feel afraid of Life and wish for more Courage & Protection