What awakens your Emotions?

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Media, Movies and Television can be mindless amusements or they can move us deeply, even change us by bringing us to a New Consciousness.

Why are we drawn to stories about other's lives?

What can we learn from observing other's lives to help us make our own life & work more meaningful?

What are the emotional patterns deeply grooved in every persona that can be awakened through conscious storytelling?

How do your own experiences and stories shape the way you live?

We will explore The Hero's Journey, based on the works of
Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler.

The Essence of Storytelling

We will use examples from the works of contemporary actors, directors, screenwriters and filmmakers to see how relative storytelling is to success.

We will show film segments and conduct exercises that will help us to use the essence of storytelling and show how The Hero's Journey opens up a conversation about human truths, experience and feelings.

Unique Approach to Story

The Hero’s Journey is found in all powerful storytelling.

New concepts of story design will be presented along with classic forms.

This is a guide to telling emotionally-driven Stories.

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In cooperation with and tailored to our clients needs,
our Impulse Formats are uniquely designed.


The Hero’s Journey can be used as

• Impulse Workshop
• Presentation
• Webinar
• Impulse for Events
• Impulse for ‘Out of Box Ideas’