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We’ve been cultivating a masculine model of power that has enabled us to achieve high standards of living, to have many luxuries and material wealth. A masculine model that has also provided a plentitude of opportunities for women - to engage in society, to gain authority, to create businesses, and to become organizational leaders.

But it has come at a price.

All along we’ve been pursuing accomplishments & fulfillment using external measures of success. As brilliant as our accomplishments are and have been, the masculine power system is not effective when it comes to internal measures of success & fulfillment. The masculine model of accomplishment has been unable to build deep connection, meaning & purpose, creative expression, supportive networks, faith & courage, and a sense of belonging. It hasn’t delivered on the internal measures of human well-being, which are necessary for building a flourishing and thriving society, one that delivers a brighter future for generations to come.


Over the past many years, we’ve pursued success defined by masculine terms: to do, act, plan, set goals, strategize, accomplish, win, and wield command and control over others.

This power has its place. It has achieved immense results and successes in our world – from manufacturing to sanitation, from healthcare to travel and new technologies, which make life easier for all of us.


Many are speaking about a return of the feminine model. But it is not just a return; the evolution of feminine power is crucial to our personal and global development and well-being.

Feminine power qualities are those of empathy, acceptance, patience, support, nurturing, healing, and compassion. By themselves, these qualities would prove as insufficient for creating true success, as would the qualities of the masculine model by themselves. Both qualities need each other to thrive.

*Clarification of the terminology of feminine & masculine power

In our fast-paced western world, we tend to work too much, rest too little and live with a frenetic pace and general ‘busy-ness’. Living a peaceful, calm and fulfilled life in turn has become a distant concept.

In Chinese medical terms, we are living too much from the yang energy, while depleting our yin.

Although yin & yang are defined as masculine and feminine power, it doesn’t mean that men are yang and women are yin. Yin and yang are two interdependent aspects of life and must be balanced in both men and women.

To integrate the yin quality at work and in our lives actually empowers the yang aspect to be healthy and to succeed. In other words: The feminine power balances the over-represented, masculine power within us and within the world.

So, what are we missing exactly?

The new integrated power system requires a holistic approach where the masculine and feminine power systems coexist in balance with each other: A kinder, gentler philosophy of success.

By combining the masculine power system with its rational, linear and logical thinking with the feminine power system, we tap into a matrix that expands intuition, collaboration, gentleness, and receptivity. A system that is isn’t merely reacting but is responsive to the bigger picture as it sees the integration and interconnectedness in all of life.

QUOTE: "The World will be saved by the western woman". Dalai Lama


Though still few, there are role models we can look up to for inspiration and guidance. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, is such a role model. She embodies qualities including compassion, grace, emotional and intuitive intelligence, honesty, and courage.

Although many women may have lost touch with their genuine feminine strength from the conditioning that they have to operate within the masculine model, Jacinda Ardern’s example is one that can inspire many of us to bring feminine power back into our lives.

Raising consciousness is equally valuable and important for men and women, but creating the space for the female aspect to grow is critical for us at this point in time. Women feel almost shaken, called to wake up from the energy-depleting treadmill, and to move themselves, humanity, and business approaches into a new direction.

Awakening women have been driving forces in improving their relationships. They feel ready to show up as change makers or catalysts for a world renewal.

QUOTE: „Women can bring compassion & power together. They are empathetic, sensitive agents in the world who will bring change forward. Give women leadership roles and women, please accept them." Dalai Lama

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