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More than ever, people today need to be able to create innovative ideas, to communicate clearly & engagingly, to feel connected, to manage their emotions well and to cultivate meaningful relationships with those around them.

We are coaches & trainers dedicated to bringing more space for honesty, courage, balance, passion, purpose & meaning into the lives of our Business Clients, raising consciousness and therefore, success and balance of leaders & teams.

A mindset of Entrepreneurial Thinking & Individual Responsibility

The secret of business success is, to an overwhelming extent, down to good psychology & raising consciousness.

Although businesses do not talk openly about fears, insecurities, the need for appreciation, a note of gratitude or about the courage it takes to ‘say it as it is’, it is everything but self-evident.

We assume that bravery, willing to change, clarity, honesty, empathy, entrepreneurial spirit, taking the freedom to create is a given and the monthly paycheck as a “thank you- note” is enough. It is not.

As mentally brilliant businesses can be, human processes & connections, decision-making processes & politics are mostly emotional.

Logic is used in thinking, but it won’t get us to make changes.

To compete today, a business has to become conscious & psychologically healthy, which means:

• Free of in-fighting
• Setting the frame to inspire entrepreneurial thinking
• Communicating honestly & clearly
• Driven by an energizing sense of purpose
• Led by a management team with a reflected & healthy sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their employees

None of this is self-evident. That’s where we come into play. We work with:

(Motivation, communication, values, health & consciousness raising)
(Team building, communication, conflict, vision, and creativity)
(Purpose, values, communication and engagement with media, customers & employees)