The Journey

When I became an Underground Worker …

... 20 years ago, as my media career was taking off,

a serious accident robbed me of my on air & stage dreams. As if someone else had grabbed the tiller of my ship, I felt as if I had been forced on a different journey.
A learning journey to become real: From outside glamour to inner depths and self-exploration. A journey of uncertain adventure, fear, tears as well as surprising joy and gratitude.

After the physicians couldn’t cure all the hurt, I left my work and hometown to go on an inner quest without a return ticket.
For years - and as a former dancer - I could not walk more than 10 minutes and lived with little money, seeking answers in all directions. A journey that took me to live with 250 Buddhist Monks and then with Shamans in the desert, Native Americans in the mountains, Kahunas on Hawaii, spiritual communities in England & Scotland, and by myself in a coastal monastery.

But the cure was not in what other people told me to do
or not to do, even not the wisest and most well-known….
what cured me was ….

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Professional Backround

A small selection of our Clients



Jeanine van Seenus   … at the HeartBeat of People!
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  • "My first impression of her professional and clear presentation facing a few hundred people impressed me a lot due to her incredible authenticity, as well as a rarely seen professional presentation.
    Later, in a 1:1 coaching, Jeanine took me to my limit, which held the mirror up to me in all clarity. For this I am tremendously thankful to Jeanine for it gave me completely new perspectives to all my activities. Her power is omnipresent, you cannot fool her. "

    Oliver Tholl
    International Corporate, Direct and Special Sales,
    Key Account Management, BMW Group Munich
  • "I was amazed that after only a few hours of coaching, I could immediately feel and see the difference on camera. Focusing on the key messages made a huge difference in my communication style and impact.

    I was able to recognize myself clearly through the mirror you put in front of me. Your profound psychological skills helped me to see where I need to be more authentic and more secure in my strategy. Thank you ever so much! A great team! The training had, indeed, a lasting effect on me. I still feel inspired and enthusiastic"

    Michael Fehn
    CEO, E.ON Czech Holding and E.ON Ceská republika
  • “My special thanks to JvS, who enabled me to look 'behind the mirror' with her professional, open and honest attitude. This experience left a deep impression on me! Her trained eye sees hidden potential and her incomparable personality encourages letting go of stoppages and timidness. As a coach, JvS provides trust in one’s own self-confidence"

    Joachim H. Wolf
    Board of Directors, company health insurance, E.ON Ruhrgas AG, Essen
  • “Jeanine takes a very professional and dedicated individual approach to personal coaching. Jeanine's exceptional communication skills and ability to grasp personalities and management habits in a very profound and comprehensive manner gave me a real unique chance to get a much better understanding of my personality as well as management and communication style. Jeanine provided real insight as well as constructive and pragmatic feedback to improve my self-awareness and thus better cope with my weaknesses, personality traits and strengths.
    She has both a very fast and sharp analytic mind as well as emotional empathy to help managers step out of their comfort zones and look at themselves differently. She has offered me a great deal of opportunities to improve my management repertoire but also to think and change my leadership style more profoundly over time.
    One of the best – if not the best – personal coaching I have received in my management career based on strong commitment to professionalism, excellence, passion and dedicated to achieving improvement and tangible results."

    Christoph Liedtke
    VP Global Media Relations & Communications, SAP AG
  • “I expected content, but I ended up receiving much more: How do I communicate as a person. The training was finally tuned to my personal needs, and although it was very demanding, it was also a lot of fun. Thanks to the training, I’ve gained a new awareness of who I am and how I communicate.”

    Peter Höhlein
    Global IT VP Competence Centre MKT, adidas


TV Showreel in German

Uwe Hück, Alfons Schubeck,
Felix Finkbeiner, Mr Marcus,
Wise Guys

My Purpose in a Nutshell:

“I believe that we now need people with great Authenticity,
Honesty & Courage - people of strong character,
who will bring Change to the world.

In everything I do, I connect people on a Heart level
and create a place of Authenticity & Honesty,
where real Change happens.”

Jeanine van Seenus