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… to REALLY listen to myself and above all to follow my heart!

Despite the pain of movement, I woke up one day, with a dream telling me "go back to dancing."
It felt ridiculous, I could barely walk and physicians had made it crystal clear no sports, no glass of wine, no sugar, my diet was cut down to a bean on a leaf and my ”shit list” of to dos to get healthy was filling my day…. There was absolutely no Joy left.

When my dream kept coming back, I finally broke free from experts’ opinions, labels, diagnoses, medical studies, magical healers and the latest scientific information on the market on how to cure my pain. I began to follow MY WAY of connecting back to JOY again. I dared to be guided by my heart & intuition - against all odds & fears - and to heal myself. It took a few months: From not being able to walk for more than 10 minutes, at 35 I became a dancer, training 7 days a week, 3 hours a day and with a few hiccups on the way, many years later, I am still dancing today 4 to 5 times a week.

Looking back, it is funny, for 3 years I travelled the world to find answers in all areas of life, seeing the wisest, the best, the most recommended, best-selling international experts & gurus, only to come back to myself.
From all the bravery in my life, this was the bravest move.

There is a saying “The longest trip you can take, is the trip from your mind to your heart.“

Despite my personal success story and knowing that there is way more than what our mind can understand, that there is a Power of Heart Intelligence that is much bigger and stronger than our brilliant minds could ever be, I did not seem to break barriers in the media or business world. It felt like having to squeeze myself into a small box of mostly rational, linear thinking men and a few women, who had adopted ways of behavior and communication that made them more masculine than their male colleagues.

Although we talked about new media & business concepts in meetings, having a common feeling of the need for real change, yet the realization of the NEW did not seem to withstand the old form of mindsets & doing.

So nothing really changed.

The people, who hired me enthusiastically for being different and finally someone “out of the box”, were also the ones that fired me in the blink of an eye, when being different did not fit in the box.

It was as if I could see the story behind “The Emperor's New Clothes”, but the rest around me did not see the bigger picture. Inside, it was a confusing and lonely place to be in.
To the outside, it looked successful.

I became an underground worker, hiding the Power of the Heart & the Power of the Feminine, including my intuitive, psychic ability and my sensitivity to know and feel in a heartbeat what is really going on.

Working with international CEOs & Top Managers who have high expectations and are by nature critical, I received a lot of praise for what they perceive as the “speed & power of my mind” as well as for being highly analytical.
It still makes me smile. I am everything but highly analytical and the speed does not come from my intellect, but from a much bigger mind.

What am I doing in my work?

I tap into the matrix of intuitive knowledge and instantly bring loose ends together to connect people or ideas to the bigger picture of life. Within this matrix, I also feel the frame of culture, community, company and family.

With such ease I can nail it, and immediately see what the subject is really about. Through being present in my heart I am touching their hearts.

My intellect is no longer the master of knowledge, but the servant to what I am intuitively receiving. My job is to give voice to the intuitive knowledge in a way that my clients & audiences understand.